Reexamining the Alleged Delonte West-LeBron’s Mom Sexual Affair

Delonte West and LeBron James share a delicate moment (Associated Press)

“Did you have sex with my mom?”

A question no one deserves to say.  But for LeBron James, the thought at least crossed his mind in 2010, as rumors swirled that teammate Delonte West shacked up with Gloria James.  Many people still believe the story, using the logic there is no evidence to disprove it (or prove it otherwise).

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Five Bold Predictions for the 2013 NBA Rising Stars Challenge

Ricky Rubio (L) and Kyrie Irving (M) look set for a rematch (Gary Bogdon/EPA)

We mistimed the Mayan apocalypse, but it won’t prevent us from making new predictions.  Houston will host the NBA Rising Stars Challenge which features the league’s most promising rookie and sophomore players (click here for rosters).  To basketball enthusiasts, this is the most intriguing event in All Star weekend, so here is a guess of what to expect in the sloppy offensive showcase:

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