Reexamining the Alleged Delonte West-LeBron’s Mom Sexual Affair

Delonte West and LeBron James share a delicate moment (Associated Press)

“Did you have sex with my mom?”

A question no one deserves to say.  But for LeBron James, the thought at least crossed his mind in 2010, as rumors swirled that teammate Delonte West shacked up with Gloria James.  Many people still believe the story, using the logic there is no evidence to disprove it (or prove it otherwise).

Politics aside, if the loving was true, should we be happy for Gloria?  Mama James’ physique has deteriorated over the years, likely leaving her deprived of a man’s attention as more attractive cougars steal the limelight.  West, who is 6’3” and 180 pounds of solid muscle, was probably the best thing to ever come on to Ms. James, while he presumably provided the time of her life.

And since it takes two to tango, we must ask, what in God’s name was West thinking (hypothetically)?  Even as an NBA spot starter, he could justifiably afford the luxury of enforcing standards, which Ms. James would miserably fail.  If West was enticed by basketball players’ mothers, there exists countless more visually appealing options.

In reality, the steamy romance probably never hit the sheets.  A sex tape (which is customary for celebrities engaging in lewd behavior) has yet to surface on the internet.

A slight upgrade for West (

“Proof” has only come in the form of West joking about the matter, and sponsored speculation from the biased heads of Bill Simmons and Calvin Murphy.  (Murphy, in particular, was once accused of molesting five of his own daughters, so a hidden agenda may be in play.)

BSO’s Robert Littal noted the suspicious timing of another James rumor, in regard to an affair with his girlfriend and NBA forward Rashard Lewis.  It’s believed the love tales originated from Maverick Carter, LeBron’s friend and manager, as a distraction from his poor results in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and not a cause for it.

West has tired of the gossip and made an effort to clear his name, addressing the media in October.  The current D-Leaguer, among other things, compared Ms. James to his own mother.

“If we want to continue to grow as a human race, what are we teaching our kids if we try to make humor and fun out of stuff like that?” he stated.  “Something like that never happened.  I don’t know where they got from.  For a strong Black woman, for someone to try to tear her down, that’s terrible.  That’s terrible in so many ways.”

The baller has spoken.  You can still believe the claim (just like you believe the Sandy Hook conspiracy), because it’s your right to do so.

But please stop withholding your mom from barhopping every Friday and Saturday, because it’s her choice as well.

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