Marvin Williams…Put the Ladies Down and Please Pick Up a Basketball

Williams at a charity event (Getty Images)

Marvin Gaye Williams is looking for love. With a seductive smile, the 25 year old Washington native has no need to count physical blessings. Seven years into an NBA career, the second overall pick of the draft remains an enigma, still working for his first season to average fifteen points. Making matters worse, Deron Williams and Chris Paul were drafted third and fourth respectively, and stand today as franchise cornerstones for the Nets and Clippers. An Atlanta fan base that prayed for the next Carmelo Anthony is ready to file a divorce, blaming the underachieving small forward for the Hawks’ recent playoff struggles. In defense of Williams, his coaching staff never asked him to shoulder the offense, and as a result he found a niche as a reliable role player. But Williams must take responsibility for the slow progression in his game, if he hopes to fulfill the potential his remarkable athleticism will allow.

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